Work Experience

Jan 2011 – Sept 2011Technical Manager Assistant
Saint-Gobain (World Leader in habitat market)

Location Paris & Europe - Scope project Europe

ERP module development for real time logistics tracking of insulating glass unit and invoicing interfaced with an MES & SAP.

  • Real time monitoring of gear transmission
  • Invoicing
  • Participation in establishment of requirement for Scandinavia
  • Delivery History

Technos : JEE (Struts 2), Guice, Hibernate, Oracle 9i, Tomcat 7, Win CE, CrE-ME, Restful

Distributed resources management system development allowing the control of the automatic feeding of glass on a production line for insulating glass.

  • Modification & integration of three MES
  • Dev. & implementation of automated tests
  • Management of error and discrepancies
  • Industrial Performance

Technos : Java (tcp-ip, rmi, soap), JEE (Struts), Tomcat 5.5, Hibernate, jUnit, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL

Apr 2010 - Sept 2010Analyst Programmer
Codinfo (Online real-time point of sales solutions)

Location Paris - Scope project France

Development of a loyalty system for multi-brand multi-store & mono-brand multi-store with approach « Software as a Service » & « plug-in ».

  • Integration with existing solution
  • Calculate the weight of commercial areas
  • Participation in negotiations for a shopping center
  • Billing

Technos : PHP, Zend Framework, HTML, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Java Applet, JavaScript

Aug 2009 - Dec 2009Analyst Programmer
EADS-Eurocopter (World 1 chopper manufacturer)

Location Marignane, FR - Scope project Europe

Creating a web portal allowing the creation of Office 2007 & PDF files for the management of civil aircraft modification with an associated digital workflow.

  • Generation of Office 2007 and PDF files with XML
  • Configurable digital workflow with e-sign
  • Participation in the feasibility study (Brazil, China)
  • Automatic archiving change designs

Technos : PHP, Apache, IIS, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, xhtml, JavaScript, SQL Server, XML

Other Achievements

Pentest Magazine issuePentest with Backtrack

French Siren : 520 874 173Sole Proprietorship

Geek Café.frBlogger

INF7115 INF3180 INF2120Demonstrator UQAM


Full professional proficiency - TOEFL:96English

Research Experience

2012 - 2014Université du Québec à Montréal

Detection of Antipatterns in Service Component Architecture environment supervised by Naouel Moha and Petko Valtchev.

Publication 2013

Publications ICSOC 2012 - Shanghai

Technos : Java, Frascati, PtiDej, SCA Tools, SOA Tools, Design Pattern, Anti Patterns, Data Mining.

2012 - 2013eXia.Cesi

DarwinIT : Problem resolution inspired by the Nature supervized by Alexandre Sbriglio.

«The survival of the fittest theory» by Darwin says that the continuous process of natural evolution by the survival of most hardly, of the most adapted, without discontinuity in the time, increase the chances of survival in a relatively stable environment. Could we duplicate this kind of processes, used by the nature since millenniums, to build better algorithms which would be capable of evolving, of improving, to be more successful in their environments ?

Technos : Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Java, A*, Graphs theory.


Xamarian Studio for Android Programming : A C# cookbook

  • To appear in Feb'15

  • Dive into cross-mobile platform development with Xamarin Studio And C#.
  • 400 pages of step by step recipes towards mastering Android development with C# and Xamarin Studio.

Magento Performance Optimization Volume II

  • Performance booster for your Magento !

  • In the first volume of Magento Performance Optimization we saw how to configure your Magento backend for performances and saw a little about server configuration
  • In this second volume we in-depth explain how to configure WebServers, MySQL and caches.

Mastering Apache Solr

  • A practical guide to get to grisp with Apache Solr

  • Mastering Apache Solr will guide you through the discovering of powerful mechanisms which will provide world class search experience to your end-users if well-mastered

Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.

  • Tune your Magento installation for optimal performance

  • Identify misconfigurations that can cause slow down

  • Prepare your installation for clustering


2014 - Concordia - Montréal

Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering

2012 - 2014UQAM Montréal

Master in Computer Sciences

2012 - 2013eXia.Cesi Aix

Master in Software Engineering

2010 - 2012eXia.Cesi Aix

Manager in Software Engineering (Bachelor in Software Engineering)

Game Jam 2011 - University of Portsmouth

School RIA Project - eXia Aix

2008 - 2010eXia.Cesi Aix

BTEC Analyst Programmer

Secretary of Student Bureau
4L Trophy - Rank: 78/1500 - Link here